My name is Alan de Sousa, I’m a designer based in São Paulo, Brazil. I graduated from the Bachelor of Design in 2015 at Centro Universitário Anhanguera. It was only possible because I had a scholarship (PROUNI) given by the Brazilian government through a selection made with students from all over the country. As soon as the classes began, I started working as a graphic designer (2012). From that year until now, for about  ten  years I’ve been working in agencies, design studios, and small businesses. I had my own studio/agency for four years with a partner, which allowed me to evolve my style with complete branding projects from scratch to small businesses, and attend big companies such as LATAM Airlines, C&A and the Brazilian retail seller MARISA. The partnership led us to design for local emergent cool places in São Paulo downtown, such as cafeterias, restaurants and plant shops. Highlight to Bento 43 (2019), a gastronomical occupancy at the balcony of the Brazilian Architecture’s Institute (IAB/SP) that revitalized the use of the historical building; Quadra 27 (2019) the cafeteria that occupied the public sidewalk of Praça das Artes (Art’s Square), and UTOMI (2020), a restaurant and experience space at Belenzinho/SP. From 2020 on I started working as a self-employed, with contractors in Sydney, New York, Berlin and, of course, São Paulo.


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Bachelor final project, 2015